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Workplace cleaning

Cleaning your workplace or office should be more or less cleaning your own home. For instance let us observe some links that would connect workplace cleaning to housekeeping:

  1. Dusting: obviously the walls being either wall papered or enamel painted will still need dusting so as we stated before it is much better to start your job with dusting.  In the process you will only need some damp cloth especially for the wall paper. Furthermore as all the volatile particles have obviously landed on your desk, chairs and other furniture you will do the same with all of them.   Dealing with dusting on your wooden furniture you might use some water on the cloth and then spray some wood shiner.
  2. Floor cleaning: this may range from sweeping, wet and dry moping tiles and marble floors, to carpet hovering. Let’s first deal with sweeping or dry mopping the smooth floors. If the floor is to smooth or glossy, it might be convenient to use dry mop and dust it so to say like the other smooth surfaces. However dealing with a rough floor prefer doing it with a simple sweeper, for the simple reason that the sweep reaches tile grooves and cracks that the dry mop won’t be able to. In wet mopping it is much better to use hot water instead of cold, and add some drops of an odourless sanitizer (do not choose the once with irritating smell as there might be people around you that do not favor them).  In the case of the carpets and rugs the only obligation is to vacuum it.
  3. Kitchen: has been classified probably one of the most important places to be kept in permanent purity. The reason is quite obvious since everything that goes into our being through our mouth, has to one time or the other pass through the kitchen. Dealing with the kitchen, we will look at some facts that will help us in the end have the purity of the kitchen everybody craves for. First and foremost the kitchen ceiling, exhaust fans and the window frames should be dusted at a regular basis, doing this will prevent gravity and the wind in transporting unwanted dirt into the room and into our food. Likewise the cabinets should always be checked of insects and different rodents that if are once present is almost impossible getting rid of. In using common cook wares to cook or even warm your food, be sure you once clean the materials and rinsing is as half washing. Make sure that there is no grease left on them before and after use, for grease may evolve into bacteria overtime and may not be as soft to remove as it was in the first time. In a diverse world like we live in, the most common issue regarding the use of the kitchen rather than cleanliness is unpleasant odour which stems from traditional spicy foods. This issue at some point can also be unbearable, and it is understandable. Therefore if you are someone from Asia and the Caribbean, you might be a little more caring  about spraying some kind of neutralizer or even you might just leave the microwave door open (for smell to expand needs the aid of heat). And after checking all these areas, you will sweep the floor of crumbs and mop it with hot water adding a scented sanitizer that might neutralize any unpleasant odour.
  4. Washrooms: when you have any intention of cleaning the washroom of a public place, you should always wear a pair of gloves (if not don’t have any available don’t even think of doing it without). However after wearing your gloves start scrubbing the sink within and without by a scrubbing powder and the green part of a cleaning sponge (liquid cleaner may not be as effective as powder cleaners in scrubbing glossy surfaces). After doing so rinse it with water real good and dry it with clean damp cloth. Then proceed to the bidet area and once you start with it never come back to the sink, otherwise you might infect the faucet and expose others. Use only the toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl, and do not dip any sponge within. And after doing so just rinse again the whole bowl with water, and finish with a nice hot water mop. Spraying some odour neutralizer won’t do any bad at the end.