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Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning your kitchen details is a big deal, especially in areas where humidity is beyond average. As we pointed out in our previous issues the kitchen is the first area that anyone should be very careful of. It could be the main cause why thousands of people’s health went south. On this issue we are going to release some tips on how to clean all the details in your kitchen. Therefore we will focus on the range hood, the microwave and the oven.

The range hood

To prevent it from grease accumulation, you need to regularly clean the range hood. Grease once built up is also a fire hazard. Before washing your range hood never forget to turn off the fan and lights, since you will use a piece of cloth dipped in soapy water it may be dangerous. It is preferred if the soapy water is warmed, if so it will be effective in quick removal of grease. Rinse it with clean water and then wipe all the area dry. Below are some instructions used to clean the exhaust fan filters.

  1. Remove metal exhaust filters.
  2. Leave them soak in hot sudsy water. Scrub with a nylon dish brush. Never use scouring powders or abrasive pads on a metal filter.
  3. Rinse and shake well to dry.
  4. Put the filters back in place.

Please do not clean any charcoal fan filters. They get replaced every once in a while.


Tip. If you regularly cook or heat your food covered, you might minimize your cleaning liability.

Start by wiping spills and splatters with a wet sudsy rag each time you use your microwave. Rinse with a clean, dry rag then dry the interior of the microwave before closing the door. Never allow food and grease accumulate to the point its holding the door from closing easily. We again recommend to use hot water, because it renders grease soft on the surface. Put some lemon juice or vinegar in a cup of water and boil in the microwave. Let the boiling water sit for a few minutes before removing it from the oven. Wipe the interior of the microwave with a sudsy rag, rinse with a clean wet rag, then wipe dry. By so doing you have an odourless microwave.

The stove

We will now show you the quickest and easiest way to clean an oven. Steam cleaning yur oven prevents you from scrubbing it at all, which saves energy and time as well.

  1. Remove the racks and the broiler pans. You steam clean those in the sink.
  2. For your convenience use the spray nozzle of a portable steam cleaner to spray down the oven’s interior. From top go all the way down.
  3. Spray a small area at a time, then wipe it with a cloth before moving to the next area.
  4. After you have cleaned the oven, check the broiler and steam clean it as necessary.
  5. After steam cleaning the oven you may need to relight the pilot light.
  6. In conclusion wipe with a dry rag all the area cleaned, make sure everything is dry before use.

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